You can now use your Webs credits to purchase extra bandwidth for your free sites in the credit shop. Couple Key Points: – Bandwidth amount is added on monthly basis – Purchases are stackable – you can buy each one multiple number of times – Purchase bandwidth expires after 12 months of purchasing Where to […]

You can now use your Webs credits to purchase unlimited number of pages for your free sites in the credit shop. Couple Key Points: – Unlimited number of pages can now be bought for 800 credits – This item is only available for non-premium sites, since premium users already have unlimited pages – Unlimited number […]

The new site manager has been released!  With this release, we really wanted to streamline the editing experience and remove as much superfluous content as possible.  Here’s some of the changes: 1. No more big app icons on the top of the site manager.  These are replaced with two simple buttons, one for adding a […]

Couple new features we released yesterday: 1) You can now delete members right from your site.  If you are logged in as the site owner, there is a new “delete member” link on your members’ profiles.  You don’t have to be in the sitebuilder anymore to perform this action. 2) When a member is deleted, […]

This morning we made some changes to our commenting system, mostly to reduce spam comments in our system.  Comment threads on apps now have a new link that appears when a comment is hovered over that says “report as spam”. Only members of a site who are logged in will see this feature. Each member can only […]

Yes we now have Apps! We are proud to announce that is launching an App Store.  The App Store offers you an easy place to find and install new Apps for your sites.  While some apps are designed by Webs, several have been developed by third parties exclusively for Webs users!  The store has […]

Happy Halloween From! Left to Right: Colonial Pirate, Kate Gosselin, Mini Mouse with Mini Me, Glitter Rocker, The King, Black Eyed “P”, Jackee, Willy Wonka, Flapper, Haunted House, A Tourist from the East View Additional Pictures.

Today we launched fixes and enhancements for the photo app. Here’s a short summary: Default Settings – Site owners are now able to set default album settings. What does this mean? Default album is the album in which your member photo submissions are automatically placed. If the default setting (defined in the gallery) changes, then […]

Thank you all that expressed interest in testing the upcoming testimonials app.  I have all your names and will contact you once everything is set up for the test. To switch up the topic, we at Webs want to say happy Thanksgiving Day, Canada & happy Columbus Day, United States. Until next time, Irina


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