A photographer from The Washington Post spent some time at Freewebs documenting our work day to create a photo essay titled “Washington Goes to Work: On the Web”.  We wondered what he would find that would interest him enough to snap a picture and which pictures would make it on to washingtonpost.com.  Here’s what he chose and now you can see us at work too.

Photo Gallery on washingtonpost.com

May Update

These first months of 2008 have been busy ones at Freewebs.  In fact, so busy that we never had time to talk about Video Galleries!  Yes, we posted a few comments, but the new feature never received its own Blog post.  Time to remedy that.

Why a Video Gallery?  Photo Gallery turned out to be a popular new feature.  So, we thought, how about doing the same thing only for Videos?  Sounded like a good idea.

What are the features?

  • Multiple Channels. Channels are like photo albums.  They provide a place where you can group videos together.  All the summer vacation videos on one channel, all the wedding videos in another and all the pet videos (for example) on another.
  • Multiple sources. Pull in a video from anywhere!  Upload a video from your computer directly to Freewebs or provide the URL from whatever location or search YouTube or provide embed code.   Your choice.
  • Letting people know more.  For each video, provide a title and a description of the video so they know a bit more about it before taking a look.  Shortly, you’ll also be able to provide a custom thumbnail image if you’d like.
  • On your Site.  On your Gallery page, you’ll find a collection of thumbnails for the videos.  And, if you want, you can always add a channel or an individual video directly to your nav bar by clicking on Page Properties in the blue bar.  Your site visitors can comment on each video too.

Add a few videos to your site (or a lot of videos) and let us know what you think.  Now, let’s talk about the next few weeks.  Look forward to a few new templates, multiple images per product for Web Stores, and reordering products. READ MORE

April Updates

At Freewebs, we’re busy with new features for Web Stores and other enhancements to make Freewebs easier for you.  Let’s start with Web Stores, recent enhancements include:

  • Product labels for New, Sold Out, Coming Soon, plus the ability to hide and item. Sold Out and Coming Soon remove the “Add to Cart” button.  Hide allows you to add products to your store before you’re ready to make them live.  All useful features.  To see how they look check out this sample store here.
  • Store description, store policies, and PayPal instructions.  You can now include all of these, just go to Store Settings.
  • Little changes.  Paragraph breaks now display.  Plus, you can delete products directly from your store front and you can add new categories directly from product update, not just in store settings.

And we’re not done!  Additional enhancements that we’re working on include multiple photos per product, shipping costs, and background images.  We expect all of these to go live before the end of April.

A few of you have asked for changes to the Freewebs forms that would make your life easier.  In response to your suggestions, we’re making changes to spam protect forms and providing a submission counter that let’s you know how many form submissions you have left during the month.  You’ll find that on the My Account page.  Plus, when your submissions are running low, you’ll receive an email notification.  The email notification isn’t live yet but will be before the month is out. READ MORE


Hello all, Haroon here giving you a quick update.  Many premium members have been asking for an easier way to create a store.  So we built a product specifically for you called Web Stores.  Its still in beta but we wanted to release it quickly so you guys could start using it.  This is premium product, meaning that free users only have access to limited features.

With your new Store, you will also get the following features:

  • Organize products in categories
  • Add options to each product (ex: colors, sizes, etc.)
  • Customize your payment complete and payment cancelled pages
  • View/manage cart page (on your site) with the ability for your buyers to manage items in their cart before checking out (which happens at paypal)

Here’s how to use the new Web Stores product: READ MORE


At Freewebs, we’re busy with Spring launches and sprucing up the services you already use.

Some of you sell items like quilts, crafts, jewelry, and such on your site.  You upload images of your products, the pricing and then link to PayPal to manage check out.  The process can be cumbersome.  We thought we could make creating and manage product sales fun and easy.  So, you’ll soon have a web store to add as a page type to your site.    That’s coming in early April. READ MORE

This Month

We have a few new templates for you this month and here’s the first installment of many templates to come.

First, there’s Fabrics.  This template comes in three motifs (colors), blue, gray, and tan, and the template supports a site picture/logo.  Yes, that you could be you in the photo.  This template is live now.

Next, there’s Chalk.  Looks just like a and old-fashioned chalkboard complete with eraser.  There are five motifs:  blue-black, green, pink, purple, and red.  The crayons image can be changed to customized site picture / logo.  Chalk goes live tomorrow. READ MORE

Photo Galleries

Freewebs Photo Gallery BETA live! Freewebs launched photo galleries last Tuesday and we’re really enjoying seeing how Freewebsers are using it to express themselves.

There are many breeder sites that make us want to adopt a puppy [here’s one gallery] until we saw Help Save these Northern Ontario Horses [see gallery] and now we’re thinking of saving a horse.  Do you have a small business site?  You’ve got to see Oakland Flooring’s use of the photo gallery to sell flooring [see gallery]. READ MORE


Last week, we upgraded our domain offering to provide you all with better service, an easy to manage interface, and a simple purchase process.  All good stuff.  Here are some of the new features:

  • Easy, easy, easy.  Purchase, manage, and transfer domains for your website(s) without leaving Freewebs.
  • What about attaching domains for Domain customers?  Still on the radar.

SiteBuilder.   Our mission to make SiteBuilder the most stable application ever continues.   If you see white pages in SiteBuilder or the SiteBuilder doesn’t load or the page hangs or anthing else that’s odd … we want to hear from you.  Live Chat, a message using the Freewebs message system … smoke signals.  Whatever it takes, just let us know. READ MORE

What's Going On

Welcome to another week!  Here’s what’s going on this week at Freewebs.

Upgraded Email Notifications. We had a soft launch last week and, based on learnings, we turned it off, made a few tweaks and are now live again.  Take a look and see what you think.

New Support Center. The new support center is live (as you know).  The TechSupport team loves it and we hope you all do too.  Live chat is back too.  Do I hear a few cheers out there?

Domains. You know we’re working on this.  We’ve entered into Quality Assurance testing and then you all will need to take a look and tell us what you think.   We are looking at the attach domains suggestion posted last week. READ MORE

February Updates

January’s over and February, shortest month of the year, is in full swing.   Here’s look at what we’ve been talking about and working on most recently.

Freewebs Member Featured on Oprah, People & Today Show
Congratulations to fellow Freewebser, Lynn Bering! Lynn was featured in national press for her inspirational weight loss success, from size 30/32 in January ’05 to size 6/4 in January ’08.  All documented on her Freewebs site that’s been around since 2005.  Photos from ’91 and on, a blog, links to weight loss blogs and sites Lynn recommends, a blog, Oprah experience and more.  Check out her site. READ MORE


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