Video Gallery

Members with profiles, members who comment (and can also delete comments), members who post to your forum.  Now, what about members adding videos to your site?  Or photos?  Or blog posts?  Or members who can moderate the site blog?  All things to come.  First up, members posting videos to your site.

In May we added the Video App to Freewebs, and in September we added the Members App.  Today, we’re bringing them together with a Video App upgrade that rolls in members posting. READ MORE

New Template

Last week, we added the template “Simple”, before that, “Clean Splash”.  This week’s addition is “Time“.  As you might expect, there are three motifs, one for each time of day: Day, Evening (or Morning), and Night.

Take a look and enjoy! [LINK]


New Forum

I’m pleased to announce the launch of our new and improved Forums tool – now available for all of you to add to your sites.  Here’s a summary of new features the Forums have to offer.

New features:

1. Works seamlessly with your Site Members and Profiles – Your site members login and comment on your forum using the same username and password they use to access your member pages, and post comments on photos and videos.  In addition, their profile pictures show up when they post and link back to their profiles on your site. READ MORE

We love seeing people use Webs to create sites for all kinds of different reasons. These sites have been picked up by local press and illustrate the breadth of purposes that our users pursue, from running for office to raising money for various causes. Check them out!

“Scrummy mummies selling like hot cakes”, Echo in Essex
A group of mothers launched a saucy calendar to raise cash for a new nursery and they are selling their calendar on a site… Read more READ MORE

New Template

There’s a new template in town titled “Subtle”.  The background comes in five colors – green, pink, pale blue, slate grey and burnt orange.  Of course, you can always add your own background.  Take a look at the new template here.  To see what custom backgrounds look like, look at the Forum and the Photo Gallery.  And, if you’d like to tour the various templates we offer, take a spin through the Templates Ring.

Speaking of Rings, we’re continuing to address issues here and would love your comments. To access rings, go here. READ MORE

Members and Profiles

Next in the Fall lineup are profiles for your site members, plus the new “Members” app.  Both are stepping stones for additional features to come.

Site Member Profiles
Our goal is for your site visitors to be able to join your sites as members.  They’ll be able to login with a single identity (we call it the WebsID) and access your various site features, such as viewing protected pages, commenting on your blog or forum, and even uploading photos and videos. Of course, you can decide what to enable and what to disable – your community, your rules. READ MORE


First in the Fall line up is Rings.  It’s in beta now with the URL provided at the end of this post.  Yes, it’s a limited access beta this time.  So, let’s talk Rings.

Why Rings? Site owners have asked how to connect to a friend’s site, how to connect with site owners around a shared topic, and how to generate more traffic to their site.  Rings does all three.

What are Rings? Rings are communities of sites where site owners connect to share ideas and site traffic. READ MORE


Over the next two to three weeks, you’ll see several new features on Freewebs. The Fall line-up includes: Rings, Profiles for site members, member commenting, member permissioning, member posting, an upgrade to Forums, and more new templates.

The first in the line-up will be Rings.

More to come shortly.

Coming Soon

Next week, you’ll see a revamp of Groups.  We’re handing Groups over to you all, the site owners, making it a place where you all connect with each other, link to each other’s sites, and discuss topics that are important for your group.  For example, fans of a specific game might create a group or dog breeders or soccer (football for some of you) teams in the same league, or people with a passion for saving horses.  The possibilities are infinite.

How it works.  A Group is created by one person who invites other site owners to join, manages membership, posts recent news items on the group page and keeps things clean.  Group members post comments on the group page and everyone can send messages around to each other when posting just isn’t enough. READ MORE


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