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The blog app has been completely upgraded and revamped to better assist your site with communication to, and amongst, your members. Here’s a brief outline of what’s new:

– Better (and newer) look and feel.
– Categories to help organize your entries.
– Site Members can post entries.
– Search feature added.
– Integrated with sidebars to display latest activity.

Best of all, you can migrate all of your old blog entries over to the new Blog app! READ MORE

Members and Profiles

Custom Profile Questions are now available for your site members!

With Custom Profile Questions, you get to pose whatever set of questions you like to your members. Their answers are then displayed on their profile pages for other members to browse and see. It’s a way to help your members interact and get to know eachother. It also assists with grouping your membership into categories.

As a brief example, a gaming site might pose the following Custom Profile Questions: READ MORE


Sidebars are here and ready for you to add to your site. What’s the benefit?  Sidebars are an easy way to show people what’s new without having to do any work. They automatically update themselves with the latest content, such as photos, videos, or forum posts, that have been added to your site.

How it works: You turn the sidebar app on, select the modules you like, choose where they will display (homepage and/or other pages), and you’re done.  That’s it! READ MORE

Webs has the unique opportunity of sponsoring the move “War Child”, a documentary about the hip-hop artist Emmanuel Jal. Emmanuel spent time as a child solder in the Sudan, as well as time in refugee camps, and is now determined to share his experience so that all know and understand what happened. As a successful recording artist in Africa and the West, he is bringing peace to his beloved Sudan and building schools in Africa.

Intrigued? We certainly are. You’ll find his site on Webs, www.emmanuel-jal.webs.com, with the movie trailer, Emmanuel’s bio, exclusive photos from the movie shoot, videos, and links to learn more about Emmanuel, his music, his country, and his quest. READ MORE

What do people use web sites on webs for?  Here are few sites picked up in the local press over the last few weeks.

“Dr Who fan’s new website“, Pontefract and Castleford Express in Castleford,England,UK

Pets offered different form of healing“, Telegraph-Journal – Saint John in New Brunswick,Canada

Let’s Talk Turkey“, Examiner.com in Baltimore.

BV hosts 68 teams in weekend ‘Hardwood Challenge‘”, Brandon Valley Challenger in Brandon, SD.

“Pajama drives aim to help children feel warm, safe“, Beckley Register-Herald in Beckley, WV. READ MORE

Hello everyone,

This is Haroon, the CEO and founder of Freewebs.  First off, I want to express how excited I am about all the new features we are releasing and the incredibly creative ways in which you are all using them.  From membership and profiles, to forums and videos, we are seeing an explosion of member activity on sites.  Before the end of year, membership activity will expand to blogs, photo galleries, and guestbooks.

While your sites and your communities are growing and evolving, so too are we.  As part of our growth and focus beyond simple sitebuilding to rich applications and community building features, we have decided to formally change the name of our service from Freewebs to just simply, Webs.  And, we’re adding a tagline.  Grow a site, grow a community. READ MORE

Hello everyone,

This is Haroon, the CEO and founder of Freewebs. First off, I want to express how excited I am about all the new features we have been able to release and the incredibly creative ways in which you are all using them. From membership and profiles, to forums and videos, we have seen an explosion of community activity on your sites. In addition, users really enjoy using our new apps like webstores and calendars to do more with their sites. So as part of our continued growth and evolution as a company, we have also decided to finally formally change the name of our service from Freewebs to just simply, Webs. Nothing in this name change will affect your site, however, you will be seeing a new homepage fairly soon. READ MORE

Hey Everyone,

A few new features and a couple of bug fixes for the Members App.  Here are the new features:

  • Invitations Tracking Page.  Opps, we left that out and now it’s back!  You’ll find it in Manage Members.
  • Send Email Blast page.  You asked for it and we delivered.  It’s now a tab in Manage Members.
  • Complete Profiles.  The Members Page on your site now displays members with profiles and not the members without profiles.
  • No more skipping.  Your members can no longer skip creating a profile when they join your site.

    Last week, we added the template “Time”, before that, “Splash”.

    This week’s addition are “Vector” and “Patriotic”.

    Vector comes in 4 different colors: Blue, Green, Orange and Red. [LINK].

    Patriotic has 3 different designs to reflect the upcoming United States Presidential elections. [LINK]

    Take a look and enjoy!



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