Who We Are

Webs was founded by three brothers with one goal in mind: to help people get the websites they want without technical skills or a big budget. The team has grown by leaps and bounds, and the office space has certainly changed, but everyone is still working toward that same goal. Our team is passionate about our purpose, and obsessed with innovation. From the engineers who make the tools, to the support team that will help you use them, everybody knows what we're here to do- and we have a lot of fun doing it.

How We Got Here

In 2001, brothers Haroon and Zeki Mokhtarzada were in their last years at the University of Maryland and were designing websites in their spare time. Realizing that there was no easy way for the average person to create a quality website on their own, the two saw an opportunity: to build a solution that anyone can use - even their mother.

With two servers in the closet of their apartment, they watched the company (then called Freewebs) grow as they did their graduate work. They later realized that without their knowing, their younger brother Idris added Freewebs to Google's registry. Freewebs took off on its own, and the brothers decided to follow it. Between 2003 and 2007, the company grew 1704%.

The company continued to gain momentum for the next few years as new engineers joined and innovation continued. In December, 2011, another exciting opportunity came for the company. Vistaprint, a leading online provider of marketing products, had noticed the start-up, now called Webs, and saw the potential for a partnership. Acquired soon after, Webs is still led by the brothers and maintains a culture that's completely its own.

What We Do

We build powerful, easy-to-use website tools that help users reach their goals - whatever they may be. Whether you're a small business owner with big dreams and a small budget, a group organizer looking to bring people together, or an individual with something to share, we have a package for you.

We make it easy with beautiful, flexible templates, an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, and features like SEO Booster and website Stats. In short, we help people help themselves.

We get a lot of satisfaction out of helping small businesses succeed in their marketing efforts. And we know that the more successful a business becomes, the more important organization becomes. That's why we built the contact management system ContactMe to help busy entrepreneurs generate and manage business leads, track and prioritize their to-do lists, and send quality email communications through trusted vendors.

Most small business owners know that social media marketing is important to the success of their business. But knowing that something is true and having the time and expertise to do it are very different things. That's why Pagemodo offers tools that help users create a powerful, attractive, and engaging social media presence without a huge time investment. Posts, contests, contact forms, cover photos and more - it's all there.

How We Operate

Looking around Webs' brightly colored Maryland office, it doesn't take long to get a sense of the company's culture. Our engineers work in small teams - often side by side with the company's founders - perfecting current offerings or thinking up the next big thing. The office can be boisterous at certain times, and so quiet at others you would swear you can actually hear people innovating. Communication flows freely around the open space - from support to marketing to product. And what we lack in walls, we make up for in free snacks.

Interested In Working With Us?

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