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Tuesday, Dec 13, 2011 « Back to the Press Room

Webs Webinar Announcement: How to Get Website Found Online

Webs, the world’s most popular do-it-yourself solution for website creation, will be hosting a free webinar on “How to Get Website Found Online.” The webinar will be held on December 14, at 1pm EST. The webinar will discuss one of the most significant challenges facing business owners who create online presences, and will detail the solutions necessary to overcome the issues of getting found by customers and driving traffic to your site.

The webinar will be led by Kathy McGovern, Vice President of Product Marketing of Webs, Inc. and Jessica Hardwick, Head of Online Marketing of Webs, Inc. and talk about the following topics:

• Why you need to be online
• Potential ways customers can find you
• The top five tips for marketing your website

There will also be a question and answer session after the discussion is concluded.

“There is no greater obstacle to the success of your business than a lack of traffic,” said Jessica Hardwick. “This webinar will educate attendees on how to optimize their website to ensure that their site is getting the attention it deserves. We’ll explain the top techniques to use in order for websites to get noticed by search engines and, more importantly, get found by potential customers.” ”

To register for this webinar please visit: https://webs.omnovia.com/register/71891323117439

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