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Sunday, Jan 10, 2010 « Back to the Press Room

How-To Site Bukisa Shares An Easy Way to Create a Free Personal or Business Website

Do you want a professional-looking website for your small business, group, or personal use? One that is easy to build and maintain and, best of all, one that's free? Then consider Webs (formerly Freewebs).

The Webs site builder gives you several easy-to-use tools for creating a professional-looking website in just minutes of your time. And it’s fun to work with, too. Webs lets you add other features to your website in addition to a home page. Things like a blog, forum, calendar, photo gallery, video gallery, customized sidebar, and a lot more.

You can even turn your website into a social network. Webs gives you the ability to add members to your website, with personal profiles that can turn your site into a virtual community where friends, family, and colleagues can connect.

What if you don't know HTML? That's not a problem with Webs. They have more than 300 templates to choose from. Professional, education, recreation, sports, music, nature, seasonal, medieval, and gaming are just some of the categories.

You can customize a Webs template with your own header, logo, background color, and font to personalize your website. Add a sidebar and fill with several of their featured widgets, or add your own.

If you can use Microsoft Word, you can use the Webs page editor to create your home page and add pages to your site. The page editor allows you to customize a page with text, photographs, videos, and widgets. You can edit your pages with a drop-and-drag feature; create columns; and change font size, text, and color—things you already do in your word processor. So creating a Webs page is very easy to do.

Their photo album feature is great. You can pull pictures from Photobucket, link to photographs on another site, or upload photos from your computer to your Webs photo album. Crop, recolor, resize, and rotate your pictures—right from your site. If you grant permission, friends and family can upload their pictures, too. Allow commenting for further interaction with your readers and viewers.

Another fun feature is the Webs video sharing option. You can upload your own videos, or pull videos from YouTube, Tangle, and other websites. This will create your own video channel right on your website. And you have the option to allow site members to upload their videos, too.

The Webs site manager also lets you to add a blog or forum (or both) to your website. This allows you and your site members to share their thoughts and engage in conversation. You serve as the moderator—or you can designate another member to moderate, monitor, and guide the conversation.

It's a good idea to enrich your website with additional features to keep it dynamic. Use the Webs calendar feature to set dates and events. Visit their widget bank to choose from hundreds of ways to keep your site fresh. For your small business site, you can even add a web store and collect payment through PayPal or Google Checkout.

You also get site promotion tools and tips for driving traffic to your site, as well as daily traffic statistics and a Webs support portal. All of this comes free when you register to create a website.

For a fee, you can upgrade your website to receive premium service and additional perks. Things such as no ads, site builder upgrades, and Google AdWords credits. Depending on your level of premium service, you can also get a custom domain name, email addresses, increased bandwidth, and priority customer support.

A few years ago, I created a library website for my employer using Freewebs. That was my introduction to website creation. Recently, I used Webs to create a virtual garage sale that my husband and I used in conjunction with Craigslist to sell some of our furniture before relocating to a new city. Today I use Webs for my personal website and blog. My husband is a pastor, and we plan to use Webs to start a website for his outreach ministries.

If you want a professional-looking website with extra bells and whistles—one that is fun and easy to use, and doesn't cost a thing—give Webs a try.

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