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Awesome DC Covers Facebook Connect

... If you have a site with them, you can now easily add the Facebook Connect feature to your own site to enhance your community interaction, and of course boosting up your site traffic.

Given, 50 m users currently on Webs , I would say this is a great milestone for them. I don't think any of the other site builder companies like Yola, Weebly, Ning, or homestead offer such a feature.

What's the big deal?

Facebook Connect is a powerful set of APIs that let users bring their Facebook identity and connections anywhere. With a Webs Facebook Connect-enabled site, your visitors can login with their Facebook ID and bypass the need to create a new account. you can then use their Facebook identity to interact with the site or site's community and simultaneously post back to their Facebook news feed - promoting their content to a massive community on Facebook.

The screen shots below are from a sample site on Webs - Simply click on the "Login with Facebook" and check it out.

  • Members of your site can now join or sign in to your website using their Facebook login and password.
  • Members of your site now have the additional option of using their Facebook login to login to your site.
  • The Facebook Connect option is clearly indicated to your members through the Members area on the sidebar.
  • Members of your site can easily update their Facebook status through your site.

When your members comment on a blog post, photo, video, etc., they can also share that comment with their Facebook friend.

Why Webs anyway?

Those of you still curious why using Webs as opposed to a blog hosting site like WordPress, Six Apart, etc., Webs is more than just a blog. Webs has an application platform that allows you to create a fully functional websites that go well beyond blogging. While Webs does offer a blog tool, that's just one app that people can add to their sites. For example, you can create photo and video galleries, and even do e-commerce with an online store. In addition, you will be able to generate your own member communities and enable social networking. Lastly, the blog hosting companies are often used by more technically savvy people. Webs' solution is more akin to a consumer solution like Blogger, but again, it goes well beyond just blogging.

Not to mention their App store launched last year with over 20 applications (including including HeyZap, Meebo's Community IM, an Etsy store app, BookFresh's appointment scheduler and payment collection app) that will help you to customize your site with even more dynamic web apps without having to deal with widgets. Like Facebook platform, the Webs invites developers to build applications for you to install on your Webs pages from a central directory.

I have been trying to setup Facebook Connect on my blog since I launched it three month ago. Unfortunately, my blog hosting service provider, WordPress does not support it for bloggers like me. I need to upgrade to which I have no problem with that. However, I will be on my own with all the software integration and implementation. Well, I am not ready for that yet.

I guess with such a new feature from Webs, I should start looking into moving from WordPress to Webs. Any problem with that? Pros? Cons?

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