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Tuesday, Oct 2, 2007 « Back to the Press Room

Freewebs Spreads Sony's HDNA

Today, Freewebs announced the launch of a new campaign for Sony's HDNA. The $100 million global campaign is focused on the entirety of Sony's high definition products. The slogan being attached to this effort is "High Definition. It's in our DNA."

Freewebs is assisting Sony in spreading the word virally by creating a DNA widget for the technology company. In speaking with FreeWebs' vice president of advertising, Chris Cunningham, he said that in planning the widget, the team created something fun and simple to spark the interest of users without giving too much away.

"Engaging with widgets is a consumer's personal choice," said Cunningham, "The second a person takes a widget to his or her individual web page, what was once an ad, becomes content. Today's users are speaking for the brand by adding these widgets to their personal websites, and we make sure that these widgets are easily shareable and publishable."

The Sony campaign is also a landmark in the "year of the widget," showing the industry that widgets are not just for teenagers and that older professionals can be engaged with this fun and targeted interactive form of advertisement.

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