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Universal Pictures pushes Mr Bean film via online interaction

Universal Pictures has released an online campaign in support of the film Mr Bean's Holiday.

The campaign encourages people to interact with a calendar widget, where they can upload photos of themselves to Mr Bean's calendar and send onto friends.

Users can also watch the trailer, play games and enter competitions to win their own holiday.

The campaign will go out across Freewebs, which provides platforms for users to create their own sites, blogs and forums.

Previous brands to have used the site to run campaigns on include Adidas, Sony Pictures and Reebok.

Chris Cunningham, VP Freewebs Advertising said, "Engaging with widgets is a consumer's personal choice, the second a person takes a widget to his or her individual web page, what was once an ad, becomes content.

"Today's users are speaking for the brand by adding these widgets to their personal websites, and we make sure that these widgets are easily shareable and publishable."

The film, starring Rowan Atkinson, will be released on DVD in the UK and in the cinema in the US this month.

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