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Next Big Thing in Online Advertising

If you would like to learn about the next evolutionary step for online advertising, this interview is for you.

Our guest today is Chris Cunningham who is the Vice President for Sales and Operations at Freewebs. His company not only provides you a way to have your own website at no charge, but is also a pioneer in the application of advertising widgets.

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The idea of an advertising widget is to provide the consumer with a useful tool that he wants to use. A simple hypothetical example would be a calculator icon that is displayed on your web account pages by your bank. Such a calculator might be sponsored by Panasonic.

In contrast to banner ads, or video and audio pre-rolls, the widget provides a useful function that the consumer willingly engages for his own needs. As such, he never regards the widget as an intrusion. Instead he accepts it as free utensil, like a toothbrush he might pick up after a visit to the dentist. In one way it is even better than the toothbrush since he never had to pay anyone for related services in order to get it.

Length: This video interview is about 12 minutes long.

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