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Freewebs Announces New Widget Advertising Campaign For Universal Studio's Critically Acclaimed 'Knocked Up'

Freewebs, the company that offers the web's most open personal publishing platform and helps people unleash their creativity online (, announced today from WidgetCon 2007 in NYC, it is launching a creative new widgetized advertising campaign for Universal Studio's summer hit, 'Knocked Up'.

The new widget campaign on Freewebs encourages people to interact with the movie and its characters, as well as enjoy playing with a fun 'Baby Maker' photo page which allows people to upload a photo themselves and someone else to see an automatically generated funny baby picture showing an amusing mix of features from both photos.

"Today's users are speaking for the brand through their own voices by tagging their sites with widgets, and we make sure that all of these widgets are easily shareable and publishable," said Shervin Pishevar, President, Freewebs. "We're basically tapping into a whole new form of contextual advertising, which is based on mutual, shared interests rather than an automated algorithm in the background. The algorithm is people's hearts, their souls, their passions, their feelings, and that's meaningful," said Pishevar.

"Engaging with widgets is a consumer's personal choice," said Chris Cunningham, Vice President, Freewebs Advertising. "The second a person takes a widget to their individual page, what was once an ad, becomes content."

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