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Widgets Spawn Industry Events, Communities and Branded Chicken Wings

The latest online marketing craze has ballooned from tech geek divergence to ad campaign imperative. A recent surge of interest in widget marketing has spurred office events, communities, full-fledged conferences and even an official industry association…
ClickZ, 8-15-2007

Potomac Executive Biz

FreeWebs Grows with Web 2.0 Tools

A decade ago, if you wanted to launch a website you had to be a computer programmer or have the recourses to hire web designers. Now anyone with an internet connection can publish content…
Potomac Executive Biz, 8-13-2007


Freewebs Gives Users A Voice & Publishers New Ad Space

The internet is becoming more and more interactive with the fast growth of social websites and the popularity of widgets. These seemingly simple applications have drawn a lot of attention recently in reports from Facebook and other sites that have seen these features drive a lot of traffic to partnering sites…
Adotas, 8-8-2007


Get a Free Website

You can get a free website, free web hosting, free blog or import your blog, online photo album, and more. There is no catch to it. Everything is free.…
WebUpon, 7-26-2007

Inside Digital  Media

Next Big Thing in Online Advertising

If you would like to learn about the next evolutionary step for online advertising, this interview is for you.…
Inside Digital Media, 7-26-2007

TV Week

Web Video Spinning Off Support Staff

A spate of new businesses is springing up to support the production and distribution of Web video well beyond just television networks and studios.…
TV Week, 7-26-2007

Business Week Online

The Wizards of Widgets

You may not know it yet, but you've got Web widgets. Take a look at some of the most popular ones and the wiseguys who cultivated them…
Business Week Online, 7-23-2007

Business Week Online

Online Extra: Living in a Widgetized World

With widgets, any page on the Web can be your point of sale. Marketers met at a conference to figure out how to spread them far and wide…
Business Week Online, 7-23-2007


Your Guide to Widgets

From time to time, I'll give an overview of one broad MediaShift topic, annotated with online resources and plenty of tips. The idea is to help you understand the topic…
MediaShift, 7-19-2007

Online Media Daily

The New WiMA: What's In It For You?

IF YOU HAD ASKED ME a year ago if the industry needed a Widget Marketing Association, I probably would have said the same thing as anybody else - What's a Widget? How could we possibly need another association?…
Online Media Daily, 7-18-2007

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