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Pagii, keeping it simple

With Web applications the maxim of "keep it simple" is always worth remembering because it is hard to go from complex and then simplify to meet the demands of users. The opposite, going from simple to complex is much easier and has an advantage: Simple should be easy to understand.…
networkworld, 10-10-2007


Freewebs Spreads Sony's HDNA

Today, Freewebs announced the launch of a new campaign for Sony's HDNA. The $100 million global campaign is focused on the entirety of Sony's high definition products…
Adotas, 10-2-2007


Freewebs' The return of the personal home page?

Remember when you were in junior high and the ultimate way to express yourself was to line the walls of your locker with photos and notes from friends and magazine clippings of every variety? Well, here's the digital-age version…
Webware, 9-16-2007

Marketing Shift

Waterfall of Widgets Continues

Widgets are clearly where it's at. The other day ComScore quantified their popularity, and the web is rife with new applications for increasing traffic and providing customization…
Marketing Shift, 9-6-2007


Adidas CGM Effort Brings Flood of Engagement

Over 30 international athletes, armed with magic markers and a story to tell, joined with Adidas this past spring to refresh the sports outfitter's "Impossible is Nothing" campaign. Ads showed sports stars like U.K. soccer import David Beckham, basketball star Gilbert Arenas, and rugby legend Jonah Lomu illustrating challenges they've overcome…
ClickZ, 9-5-2007



If you want to have a real business or personal presence these days, then you pretty much have to have a Web site. It's not just a cool thing to do anymore - it's necessary…
Lockergnome, 8-27-2007

Washington Post

A New Way to Create Buzz

Washington Redskins fans don't mind shilling for their favorite team by wearing a jersey, just as some people are willing to show their allegiance for a school or radio station with a bumper sticker. Marketers are trying to harness that impulse for brands on the Web…
Washington Post, 8-25-2007


News Briefs

FREEWEBS.COM: has launched an ad campaign for the Universal Pictures comedy "Mr. Bean's Holiday,"…
Promo, 8-24-2007


Universal Pictures pushes Mr Bean film via online interaction

Universal Pictures has released an online campaign in support of the film Mr Bean's Holiday. The campaign encourages people to interact with a calendar widget, where they can upload photos of themselves…
NMA, 8-24-2007


Freewebs Redesign Aims to Incorporate More Web 2.0

Freewebs, the service that lets you create your own website, has updated its site to offer a new look with more web 2.0 features…
Mashable, 8-15-2007

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