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Awesome DC

Awesome DC Covers Facebook Connect

... If you have a site with them, you can now easily add the Facebook Connect…
Awesome DC, 3-30-2010


How-To Site Bukisa Shares An Easy Way to Create a Free Personal or Business Website

Do you want a professional-looking website for your small business, group, or personal use? One that is easy to build and maintain and, best of all, one that's free? Then consider Webs (formerly Freewebs).…
Bukisa, 1-10-2010


App Store Launch Covered by TechCrunch

At launch Webs has 15 total applications available, though most of these were built internally (there are six built by third parties, with more in the works). Launch apps include a game arcade by HeyZap, Meebo's Community IM, an Etsy store app, and an appointment app by BookFresh…
TechCrunch, 11-2-2009

Success Magazine

Success Highlights How The Mokhtarzada Brothers brought Web Sites To The Masses

The Mokhtarzada brothers brought Web sites to the masses. If you have an idea and 10 minutes, you can create your own interactive Web site...…
Success Magazine, 8-10-2009


HourTown Rebrands to BookFresh; Debuts Fresh Look, Website and Partnership

...Now BookFresh, HourTown rebranded to better reflect the company's service and mission of helping small businesses harvest more customers with less overhead by enabling them to easily book appointments on the Web. …
Marketwire, 7-7-2009

Social Networking Watch

Social Network Watch Interviews Haroon Mokhtarzada

Here's my interview with Haroon Mokhtarzada... What led you to start Freewebs? Two people can only make so many websites, so we made a website that builds websites. We thought we could do it better and make it easier for people to get nice looking, organized websites. We launched in 2001. Today we have over 20 million people who have built and hosted websites with us and about 20,000 new websites are created every day.…
Social Networking Watch, 4-4-2009

Washington Post

The Download: Navigating the Downturn

Washington's technology community is about to get another test. It's only been a few years since the dot-com crash wiped out many of the area's high-flying telecom firms and Internet start-ups. And with the economy now facing another dramatic downturn, entrepreneurs and investors are once again bracing for tough times.…
Washington Post, 12-1-2008

TechJournal South

Tech Journal South Covers Webs

By Allan Maurer SILVER SPRING, MD; It started in 2001 like many other Internet stories, with two brothers, $2,000, a server in a closet and the goal of creating a Web building service simple enough for their mother to use called FreeWebs.…
TechJournal South, 11-21-2008


FreeWebs Rebrands to Webs; Launches New Platform

Written by Allen Stern - November 18, 2008 Earlier this month I spoke with FreeWebs CEO & Co-Founder Haroon Mokhtarzada about how FreeWebs was doing and what updates were in the pipeline. The first bit of news that Haroon shared was that they planned to rebrand the site... …
CenterNetworks, 11-18-2008


5 Ways to Build a Website for Free!

Yes - you can build a decent website for free. I will outline five online tools that will leave you with neither an embarrassing website nor a large bill!…
CNET, 9-15-2008

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