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Lead 411

Lead411 launches "Hottest DC Area Companies" awards

In order to recognize the fastest growing technology companies in DC, Virginia, Maryland and Delaware, Lead411 is proud to announce the release of its "Hottest DC Area Companies" award…
Lead 411, 7-6-2010


Buzzworthy App Launches

The Buzzworthy app allows Webs site users to automatically add fresh content such as news articles on their sites. The app is free of charge and installation is quick and simple. Site owners can select their topic of interest from preset categories and the app will automatically start to generate related news articles directly on their site, retaining the same look and feel as the rest of the website. …
ComputerUser, 6-2-2010


Website Customer Referrals Can Now Earn Users Credits

The new referral program gives out 50 Webs credits for every qualified user referred to Webs, and 1,000 credits for each referred customer that purchases one of Webs' Premium Services.…
PRcom, 5-15-2010


IBTimes Covers Drop-down Menus Launch

The new feature permits users to build a robust website with advanced navigation menus in a simple drag and drop format.…
IBTimes, 5-13-2010


ComputerUser Covers Launch of Drop-down Menus

"Drop-down menus allow you to better organize the navigation bar on your website, and create a more focused and guided experience for site visitors," …
ComputerUser, 5-13-2010


Webs Welcomes Ning Users With Open Arms and Free Accounts

With Webs, it's easy to build a free social network where users can engage the world in their business, passions or hobbies and create a network of people that share their enthusiasm.…
PRLog, 5-4-2010

The Next Web

Webs CEO: Facebook Connect Is The Future, Data Portability No Big Deal

Webs is a giant of a company, allowing millions of people around the world to get a website up and running without any coding knowledge. We took some time to talk to Haroon Mokhtarzada, the company's CEO, about what Webs is up to…
The Next Web, 4-16-2010


Webs brings Facebook Connect to DIY sites

Veteran site-building tool erases registration process, beats Yola, Weebly, Ning to the punch. But sometimes the veterans surprise you. Webste builder Webs (formerly FreeWebs, founded way back in 2001), has enabled site builders to integrate Facebook Connect for site registration. …
VatorNews, 3-30-2010


Webs taps Facebook Connect for log-ins, sharing

A small change to site builder Webs could have a big impact on Facebook's news feed. At least that's what the company is hoping.…
CNET, 3-30-2010

Business Wire

Facebook Connect Integration Launches

Facebook Connect joins an increasing set of rich, dynamic features and apps that Webs provides. Last October, Webs launched its App Store, which now includes over 20 applications, including Meebo's Community IM, an Etsy store app, and BookFresh's appointment scheduler and payment collection app …
Business Wire, 3-30-2010

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