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Associated Press

Students to New Yorkers: Please, have a seat.

Sit down. But, please, don't shut up. That's the request from a trio of freshmen at a New York design school who say city residents just aren't taking advantage of an unnatural resource found in the front of many of their buildings: stoops…
Associated Press, 2-23-2007

Washington Post


Freewebs of the District named Liddy Manson, former vice president and general manager of online classified, search and e-commerce businesses for WashingtonPost-Newsweek Interactive, chief operating officer…
Washington Post, 2-5-2007

Comic Book Resources

First Ghost Rider TV Spot Hits

You can now watch the first TV spot for Ghost Rider at Freewebs, where you'll find a few other features as well. Written and directed by Mark Steven Johnson, the film stars Nicolas Cage, Eva Mendes, Wes Bentley, Sam Elliott, Donal Logue and Peter Fonda. Ghost Rider opens on February 16.…
Comic Book Resources, 1-12-2007

Washington Post

AOL Alumni Seek Excitement of Start-Ups

When Chris Marentis joined America Online Inc. 10 years ago, the fledgling Internet empire was growing at a frenzied pace. As senior vice president of business development, he worked 60-hour weeks and spent holidays closing multimillion-dollar deals…
Washington Post, 12-18-2006

Wall Street Journal

Web-Page Clocks and Other 'Widgets'

To generate buzz for this winter's launch of the film "Freedom Writers," Paramount Pictures decided it needed a cutting-edge Internet advertising strategy. Blitzing the Web with banner ads wasn't good enough…
Wall Street Journal, 11-21-2006

The Daily Record branches out, of Silver Spring, a privately held, free, do-it-yourself Web site builder, said it opened an office in Manhattan's SoHo district to help grow relationships within the interactive advertising industry. The office currently is staffed by advertising sales representatives…
The Daily Record, 11-6-2006

Open Gardens

The Widget Widget Web: How can advertisers/marketers/brands use widgets?

As you would know from my previous posts, I am a fan of Widgets and I believe in the potential of Widgets (both web and mobile) to transform the web experience as we know it. When I spoke at Ajaxworld , Adam Sah of Google gave a fascinating presentation about Widgets…
Open Gardens, 10-25-2006

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