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Transforming 2D photos into 3D models

Courtesy of StumbleUpon, I happened across an interesting service called Fotowoosh that purports to turn 2D photographs into 3D models. The demo is very cool…
Computerworld, 4-24-2007


Ask the Readers: Best Free Web Hosts?

Reader Jeremy wants a web site, and he wants it free:…
lifehacker, 4-17-2007

iMedia Connection

How to Win with Widget Marketing

To be added to the list of words that should be struck from the marketing vocabulary: "campaign."…
iMedia Connection, 4-13-2007

Washington Post

Venture Capital Drawn to Freewebs

Haroon Mokhtarzada has always been an entrepreneur. Growing up Silver Spring, he set up lemonade stands, hosted magic shows and started a neighborhood lawn-mowing business…
Washington Post, 4-9-2007

Washington Post

Wave of Widgets Spreads on the Web

Entrepreneurs Experiment With Ways to Profit From Web Site, Desktop Gizmos…
Washington Post, 4-9-2007


The Freewebs forum widget is handy

Freewebs is a Web site creation and hosting service that's been around since 2001 and has served more than 17 million registered users. Besides hosting photos, blogs, and user profiles…
Webware, 3-21-2007


Freewebs Launches Forums Widget

Update: We just added the forum widget to this post. It's really slick. Freewebs, a social service providing free, multimedia web pages, will announce on Wednesday the launch of its forums widget…
Mashable, 3-20-2007


The Freewebs Enterprise: Shervin Pishevar Discusses His Company's Marketing Model, Widgets and All

It might seem a tad hasty to call 2007 the year of widget advertising. But if a company like Freewebs has any say in the matter, the final three fourths of the year will set the tone for '08 to be just that…
Adotas, 3-16-2007


Freewebs Looking Good, Partners with Photobucket

Freewebs, which began in 1991 as a way for anyone to create a website and evolved into more of a social network, has been doing some particularly cool social stuff in recent months…
Mashable, 2-27-2007


Freewebs Welcomes Photobucket Users

Web publishing/blogging company Freewebs had signed a partnership with media-sharing service Photobucket to let users easily post their Photobucket photos, slideshows and videos on their respective Freewebs sites…
Adotas, 2-27-2007

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